After Boys Locker Room, Girls Locker Room trends on Twitter. Know all about it here

girls locker room

A day after an online Instagram chat group got exposed where boys were objectifying women and using derogatory language against them and few of them have been booked by the Delhi Police. And social media was filled with condemning these boys for their shameful behavior, however, today in the morning a boy has posted some screenshots from “A Girls Lockerroom” where girls were seen objectifying men and using derogatory language about them. On Twitter, that hashtag “#Girlslockerroom” is trending where people are asking Government what action they are planning to take against these girls who are also doing the same thing as the boys.

The bewildering part is the girls who exposed the “Bois Locker Room” are themselves part of “Girlslockerroom” where they body-shaming other girls and objectify boys.

Some of the girls on Twitter claimed that they are instances where these girls have berated other girls in the group by body shaming them. There are several tweets against The Girls Lockerroom you can read here:

On Tuesday Delhi Police booked a boy who was a part of this group, he identified 20 participants of the group. They all were body-shaming minor girls and using bad language against them.

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