Bigg Boss 11: 5 Reasons that prove Shilpa Shinde will Win this Season

Who will win the Bigg Boss season 11?

Who will win the Bigg Boss season 11 is a question that has become omnipresent. It is common to see people discussing Bigg boss season 11 winner in office, college or while commuting. It seems that fever of Bigg boss has left no one intact. Even for the change of your mind if you open Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels you will see Bigg boss stories or participants fan fighting or hurling abuses at each other. Thus, if you are also an ardent fan of Bigg boss 11 and want to know that who will win this season then go through the following post.

Shilpa Shinde will win the show?

If you are Hina Khan fan then this post might offend you hence please don’t read further because I am going, to tell the truth with the reason why Shilpa Shinde will win the show.

So without wasting your time any further let’s check out the reason why Shilpa Shinde deserves to lift the trophy.


Even Salman Khan always said this that she has a good sense of humor and immensely entertaining that goes on to prove that how much she has impressed Salman Khan to make this statement. Shilpa Shinde has emerged as the best entertainer of the Bigg Boss season 11 with her antics. Her fight with Vikas Gupta, in the beginning, got her flak from the viewers but it kept viewers entertained. Moreover, she developed mother son and daughter relation with fellow contestants Aakash and Arshi that entertained viewers. Throughout the season she remained at the center stage and it seemed that this show is all about her.


Shilpa Shinde has won many hearts with her caring attitude toward the fellow contestants. She has been seen in the kitchen all the time cooking for the housemates.

The ex-contestants of the house all estimated her win which is also one of the reasons that can make her lift the trophy.
A large number of celebrities also predicated her victory. The last season finalist Manu Punjabi said that Shilpa never showed her negative side and always remain positive during her stay in the house. And considering the history of this show, people who remain positive throughout the season or white collar people always win the show.

In the live voting in a shopping mall, she got the most votes and left her competitor behind by a large margin.

So these reasons make her the possible winner of the Bigg Boss season 11.

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