BIGG BOSS 11: A new and UGLY FIGHT between Sapna Choudhary and Puneesh Sharma

The fights in the Bigg boss house is intensifying after every passing day. In the recent luxury task assigned by Bigg Boss, the house is converted into the courtroom for hearing Hiten and Arshi Khan divorce case turned into the battleground and everyone tried to stoop low and besmirch the other party.

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In yesterday episode, we had seen how Priyank made allegations on the Arshi Khan that irked the latter and she also got into the heated argument with Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma. This fight will be continued in the today episode as well. However, aside from the trio, we saw some other contestants indulged in ugly mudslinging against each other.

In today episode, Puneesh Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary will be seen locking horns with each other. Sapna Chaudhary who is already angry with Puneesh Sharma for saying ill things against her to contestant Hina Khan would encash this opportunity to lash out at Puneesh. But punish would also retaliate and even go to an extent to call her don’t be bossy. This will lead to a heated argument between the two and Sapna will be seen walking out of the courtroom.

Well, this is only sneak peak of the today episode so get ready for the today’s episode.

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