buying gold jewelery

Buying Gold Jewellery: 5 Common Mistakes People Commit While Buying Gold

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Buying gold jewelry is not an easy job. Well, it is not too difficult, but not that easy as most of the people perceive.

It requires some basic knowledge about the gold.

Otherwise, there are a plethora of jewelers persist in the market who will deceive you, if you don’t know common things about the gold such as carat, cut, and price.

buying gold jewelery

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Hence, if you are planning to buy gold jewelry in upcoming days, then, you must avoid these common mistakes which people commits while buying gold.

Do not fall for sale or discount offered on Gold:

If you come across a jeweler who promises of selling precious gold at 50% discount or use the word sale.

Then, avoid buying this precious metal from that jeweler because he may dodge you and it can be a promotional gimmick mostly used by fake jewelers to sell fake or artificial gold jewelry labeling it as original.

Do not Run after Expensive and Bigger Name:

It is a common perception among the people that a famous jeweler or one who is selling gold jewelry at a high price is offering legitimate gold items.

However, this could be entirely a false assumption of yours, because, there are several Jewelers exist in the market which may provide you less valued gold at a higher price.

Therefore, before proceeding ahead to buy gold jewelry fix your budget and stick to it. In spite of paying a lot of attention on price and brand, pay attention to design, cut, and color of the gold.

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Have knowledge about the Carat, Inclusions, and Cut:

It is quite essential to gather as much information as possible about these attributes; if you want to purchase authentic gold jewelry.

One thing that you need to keep in mind that all gold items possess some inclusions to enhance its outer appearance.

So, if you perceive that gold is 100% pure, and it does not contain any addition, then, you are wrong.

So, you must be conscious about the inclusions and ask your jeweler beforehand buying this metal.

And, if he/she fails to provide you satisfactory answer, then, avoid buying this precious metal from him/her.

Buying Gold Jewelry is not same as buying artificial jewelry:

There is a huge difference in buying gold jewelry and fake jewelry.

While buying gold jewelry, you have to indulge in depth details to find out about the cut, carat, clarity and other aspects of the precious metal, whereas, if you are buying fake jewelry then you should not pay much attention to the quality of the item.

Therefore, do not perceive that buying gold is similar to buying artificial jewelry. It requires a lot of patience, expertise, and knowledge because gold is a highly expensive entity.

Gold Comes in only Yellow Color:

Most of us presume that gold comes in only yellow color, but it is not entirely accurate. It is found in several other colors such as white, black, green and brown.

Hence, if you are planning to purchase gold and want to try something unique with gold; then, go for these various color options which gold propose to you.

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