Chapters In Physics That You Should Study Thoroughly To Crack NEET Exams

Crack NEET Exams

Most NEET students are worried about their physics papers. Since scoring grades in physics are crucial, students want to ensure they have enough tips for studying thoroughly and acing their exams. Many times, they also opt for alternating current class 12 NCERT solutions for additional help. It always comes in handy for them.

One of the most important reasons students have to score good grades and crack the NEET exams is to do it. So, if you are looking for some help and want to know which chapters you need to prepare for, here’s your quick guide.


Mechanics is an integral subject dealing with the study of motions. Students may learn about the various types of mechanics that include classic, statistics, and quantum. Mechanics is generally the most scoring subject of all. This chapter is also more exciting and engaging than others. So, with the help of a good tutor, you can easily score well in mechanics. Students may also refer to alternating current class 12 NCERT solutions if they want additional support in this subject. In many cases, you may also have to practice some sums to score better grades. So, make sure you are thorough with them.

Heat And Thermodynamics

This chapter will help you understand the interaction of different objects and the concept of entropy and enthalpy.

You may also learn about internal energy, measurement of heat, and thermal expansion. Students are also exposed to the study of heat, pressure, and temperature for better guidance in this article. Apart from this, they may also learn about the conservation of energy to an exponential extent. The Second Law Of Thermodynamics and the potential energy of atoms is also available for you to know. So, you can use alternating current class 12 NCERT solutions if you wish to learn more about this. We promise it will help for all the right reasons.

Modern And Electronics

If you love physics, this chapter is likely to be your favorite among all others. Modern and electronics is by far the most accessible and most intriguing chapter to learn about. You may also be able to score well in this chapter if you revise it appropriately. So, make sure you opt for the best alternating current class 12 NCERT solutions if you require extra help. It always comes in handy.


Electrodynamics involves the study of electromagnetic fields. This is another exciting chapter in physics that all class 12 students must be thorough with. Many crucial questions relating to this chapter are available in NEET exams. So, make sure you do not miss out on it as such a situation may be dreadful for you. There are nearly 14 questions relating to this chapter in your NEET paper. So, you know how important it is to learn it properly.

The Bottom Line

Make sure you prepare all these chapters thoroughly if you want to score incredible marks on your physics paper. Also, do not forget to get your hands on the suitable alternating current class 12 NCERT solutions when in need.

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