Read the Simple Love Story of Google CEO Sunder Pichai And His Wife Anjali, why they did not talk to each other for Six Months

Love Story Of Google CEO Sunder Pichai

We all know about Sunder Pichai. He is the CEO of the biggest search engine Google. However, our knowledge about Sunder Pichai is just confined up to his professional life; we don’t know anything about Sunder Pichai’s personal life. Hence, today, we are going to tell you the love story of Google CEO Sunder Pichai.

Sundar Pichai and wife Anjali Pichai

Sunder Pichai is married to Anjali whom he met during his college day. Sunder Pichai came from a very humble background. He was living in a single flat in Chennai with his family. He started his life from a humble background. Thus, he has started to valuing everything from his early days.

How Google CEO Sunder Pichai Met His Love?

He was in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur when for the first time he met his future wife. He was pursuing a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. Interestingly, they both were from the same batch. In the start, they were friends. They kept it the same for a long time. However, gradually they felt they have feelings for each other of more than a friend. Eventually, in the final year of his college, Sunder Pichai decided to propose the love of his life. And she happily accepted his proposal.

He said in an interview: “I met Anjali at IIT-K, and she was my classmate. Just to go get someone at the girl’s hostel, you had to walk in the front and request someone to call them. And they’d go in and loudly say – Anjali, Sundar is here. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience.”

After finishing off with their college, Sunder Pichai went to the USA to pursue a higher degree, and Anjali was left in India. However, their relationship did not surrender in front of distance as we commonly hear around that lovers get separated due to long distance. In fact, what is astonishing is that due to long-distance they did not talk to each other for six months, but still they were very much in love with each other and wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

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Soon after Anjali left for the USA and Sunder Pichai got a job in a semiconductor firm there. They decided to tie-knots and took permission from their respective families.

After the wedding, both got settled in the USA.

It is being said that Anjali is a lucky mascot for Sunder Pichai. She always helped him to take the right decision. In fact, he wanted to become CEO of Microsoft and Twitter as he got lucrative offers from these companies, but she suggested he stay with Google, and now he is the CEO of the biggest search engine.

Instead of getting rich, Sunder Pichai lives a low profile life with his wife in the USA. They are happily married, and now they are proud parents of two children a girl and a boy named Kavya and Kiran.

The simple and sweet love story of Sunder Pichai and Anjali Pichai shows that if you truly love someone and want to be with him no matter what happens, then nothing can come in your way.

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