Check Out The Reason Behind An Indian Bride Throwing Rice During Her ‘Vidaai’


Why Indian Bride Throws Rice During Her Vidai?

It is common to see Indian Bride throwing rice behind them. However, most of us are not aware of the right reason behind this tradition of rice throwing. Indian weddings are full of diverse rituals and traditions. Hindu marriages are beautiful and have a valid reason behind all these traditions. So, if you are not fully aware of the reason behind throwing rice during the Vidaai, then go through this article.

Vidai is an important and heartfelt moment for any girl. She is entering the new house and new life leaving behind her family and friends. And this is one of the most emotional and tearjerking moments for any girl and her family.

In simple word, the meaning of Vidaai is ” GoodBye” and this is what this ceremony is all about. While stepping out of the threshold of her home, bride throws three or five handfuls of rice behind her and family members spread their pallu to collect the grains. Thereafter, the bride is escorted toward the car without looking back.

According to Indian mythology, girls are considered to be the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. It is being propagated that her presence in the house is the sign of wealth and prosperity. However, post her marriage, she has to leave her parents home and it is believed that she takes her streak of luck along with her. Therefore, a bride throws back the rice as the sign of reassurance. It means that though she is leaving her home she will keep praying for her family well being and prosperity.

Apart from this, the other signs of this ritual are that by this ritual a girl thanks her family for doing everything to her. In addition to that, she throws rice back to nullify all the negativities and spiritual debt behind her.

Now the question might be arising in your mind that why rice, not something else? So, the answer to this question is that rice is one staple that has been used in every culture be it west or east. In the west, bride and groom are showered with rice as a symbol of prosperity, auspiciousness and wealth.

Rice is considered to be a staple of Indian diet because of its usefulness. It is being eaten everywhere around the country and is an intrinsic part of Indians diet. Moreover, this staple ward off negativity and ill effects.

This is an antique tradition but an essential one which you must include in your wedding.

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