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Pimp Primeflix Web Series Watch Online? The story, Star Cast, Review

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Pimp is a PrimeFlix new web series that is getting a lot of popularity due to its bold nature of the content. Primeflix has made its audience in a short span of time. Therefore ever since The Pimp web series has been released a lot of people are looking for ways to watch Pimp web series online. They are searching on Google ” Where to Watch Pimp web series online” or ” Is it free to watch Pimp web series online for free? So if you have these questions in your mind then you should read this story.

What is the Story of the Pimp web series?

The story of this web series revolves around a lower-middle-class boy named Rajiv. He is doing a small job and to save his job he has to supply girls from one client to another. It has broken him from inside and he does not want to do this job. When he discovers that he does not have any option other than working as a Pimp so he takes his career seriously and soon he becomes immensely famous and establishes his business. However, with his growth he becomes greedy and when he was a small man he never played with the girl’s emotion but now he does not care about it. What happens with him for that you need to watch this web series.

What is the Star Cast of this web series & number of episodes?

This web series has a total of 10 episodes and it has the following star cast: Tapasya Agnihotri, Gaurav Bajaj, Alysha Roy, Shalini Sahay, Kiara, Archana Chouhan, Kuldeep, Ravi Khotari, Dr. Sanjeev, Yogesh Mathur, Bhupendra, Praveen, Ankit, Asha Sarang.

Where Can I Watch Online Pimp Web series for Free?

This web series is streaming on the Primeflix OTT platform so you can catch the Pimp web series on Primeflix. Is it free to watch the Pimp web series on Primeflix? ” No” it is not free to watch Pimp web series on Primeflix, you need to buy Primeflix plans to watch this web series.

What is the Subscription Charges of the Primeflix Platform?

Currently, Primeflix has three plans, the first plan is monthly that charges you 99 rupees for a month and the second plan is of 299 rupees in which you would get unlimited access to watch or download any web series, movies from the Netflix. And the final plan is of 499 rupees in which you will get to see Primeflix content for a year.

Pimp Primeflix Web Series Trailer

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