What To Do If Your Mobile Phone is Slipped From Window Or Toilet of Indian Train

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We all love traveling by Indian trains. Indian railways are a cheap mode of transportation as compared to other means of transportation, especially, when you are embarked on a long journey. However, while traveling by trains, some unexpected incidents may happen with you. For instance, your wallet or luggage may get stolen. Moreover, if you prefer sitting close to the window seat, then the chances are that your mobile phone may get slipped from your hand while chatting or listening to songs.

And you prefer keeping mobile phone in shirt pocket, then while using toilet in may possible then your phone get dropped down on the tracks. Unfortunately, if this incident occurs with you, then what should you suppose to do in no time? Many of us don’t know that what should we suppose to do in that unexpected situation. Therefore, you should go through the following guide to know what your action should be in that critical situation.

First, look outside to find out the pole number (if you are on an electrified line) as shown in the image below. (113/5 denotes that it is 113 th km from a certain point and 5th pole in 113–114 KM segment)

Image result for indian railway distance telling poles

The above pole numbers can be used for calculating the speed of the train.

Open stopwatch on your phone.

Start the stopwatch when the train crosses pole number 113/1 (It can be any number in the numerator. But denominator should be 1)

Stop the watch when 114/1 pole crossed (113/1 to 114/1 equals to 1 KM) and note down the seconds (Let it be T)

Divide 3600 (no of seconds in an hour) by the T (Time is taken for the train to cover 1KM).You will get the speed in KMPH.

For example: Let the time T= 36 Seconds Speed = 3600/ 36 = 100.The train is moving at 100 KMPH

Next, pull the chain. Only 50% of the chains work. Even if it works, the train stops after 1-2 Kms assuming a train is moving at 100 KMPH.



Chances of phone damaging are very small. Your phone may end up falling on smooth grass or sand and with screen guard, protection case your phone will be intact. Due to aerodynamics, the first point of contact on the ground will be the edge of the phone but not the screen. (However, If you are using old Nokia phone, there is chance of damaging the track)


If the train stops, pay the penalty, get down, look around passing trains if any, walk back to the pole. The numbers on the pole are unique and follow an order.


If train doesn’t stop, inform in the nearest station who can report the track man concerned. The track is closely monitored by gang man and track man. If you are lucky, your mobile can reach you.

Image result for train gangman

If the train is on a bridge and water underneath it, find out a vacant toilet and I think you know what to do… start crying.

Image result for train mobile phone slipping

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