5 Most Haunted Places in Rajasthan That Are To Scary To Visit Alone! Have A Look

real rajasthan ghost stories
Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its ancient buildings, magnificent palaces, and royalty. It is one of the most favorite tourist destination. Every year millions of tourist from around the world lands in this prominent place to catch a glimpse of this beautiful places. However, beneath the magnificent history of this place lies terrifying tales of horror and gore that can send the chill down your spine. And these places are so eerie that you can’t visit these places alone. Thus, today, we are going to reveal top five  haunted places in Rajasthan which would definitely give you goosebump. 

bhangarh ghost stories
Bhangarh Fort: You must have heard about this place before aren’t you? This place is considered to be one of the most haunted places not only in India but around the world. The creepiness and horror surrounding this place can be estimated from the fact that the officials have installed a board outside this fort to vacate this location before the sun set. Several people have encountered spirits and unusual occurrence with them while being inside this place. There is a history of this location according to locals Ratnawati was a princess of Bhangarh, and she was famous for her beauty.
There used to be a magician who had been smitten by her beauty and wanted her at any cost. Thus, he tried to decoy Princess with her magical powers but failed in his attempt and died but before dying he cursed the place that no one would take rebirth in this place, and his words came true, and this place got destroyed overnight. Ever since it has been propagated that this place is dwelling of ghosts and nobody can go inside the place after sunset otherwise he would be dead. 
rajasthan haunted places
Rana Kumbha Palace: Rana Kumbha Palace is referred to be one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. If you want to experience paranormal forces, then, you must visit this place.It is being claimed by people who have visited this place that they hear screams of girls every night. 
This is the palace where Rani Padmavati had performed Johar paratha along with 700 other women when Sultan Alauddin Khilji tried to attack their residence.
real rajasthan ghost stories
NH-79 Near Dudu Village: The Ajmer-Udaipur highway is being endorsed as a highway which asks for blood. It is one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. The local of this place narrates a story which is the reason of this place being creepy. A woman was killed when she was passing roads with her children’s have turned into the ghost. And she can be seen by the passerby’s carrying her three-year daughter in her arms. Several incidents have been reported in the past where people have died on this road and those who have escaped told that they had seen this woman. 
Nahargarh Fort: The beauteous fort which is situated at the edge of the Aravalli hills, and gives access to everyone to peek down in the Jaipur city standing on this fort is said to be haunted. It is being said that the King Sawai Rana Singh had built this place for his queen and he was so passionate about this place that even after his death, he is preserving this place and any effort to renovate or commence any construction near this place annoys the King. 
Jagatpura: If you think that above-listed places would be the most haunted places to explore, then, you should read about Jagatpura village in Rajasthan. It is one of the scariest places in Rajasthan. It is being told by villagers that they have seen witches walking on the streets in the night in white clad sarees and long hairs covering their face. 
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