7 Healthy Foods That Keep You Warm During Winters

Healthy Foods For Winter

List of 7 healthy foods that keep you warm during winters

As the mercury level, drops and winter approach the energy level of our body has also started to drop down and it becomes tenacious for the body to conserve the energy and heat to keep you warm during the winters. As time progresses the temperature will continue to drop and winters become more brutal. Therefore, aside from sleeping in a cozy blanket or donning yourself in a chunky sweater won’t be enough to protect yourself this winter. You should eat these 7 healthy foods this winter that will keep you warm and immune this winter.

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1. Nuts: Nuts are going to be the perfect food to keep yourself warm and active during the cold temperature. Who does not like munching a bowl of nuts on freezing winter? There are different types of nuts that you can include in your breakfast or any meal of the day. Cashew nuts, cinnamon, pistachio, peanuts, or walnuts, you can have all these all together to keep yourself toasty this winter.

2. Jaggery: Jaggery is full of nutrition and it is a great food for the winter to keep you warm and stay fit. Jaggery is a sweet dish that you can eat at any time of the day. It can also get rid of an old couch in winters. You can consume it in different ways such as “Gur ki Chai” or adding nuts such as walnuts, almonds, etc. Chikki is such a dish which is a perfect combination of crunchy peanuts and jaggery. So winter is the perfect time to gorge on this delicious dish without being worried about your weight or anything. In fact, having jaggery releases instant energy in your body and make you warm.

3. Tulsi and ginger: If you are bogged down with the winter weather, then don’t worry just have a cup of tea containing Tulsi(basil) and ginger and you are all set to combat brutal winter. Tulsi is considered to be quite healthy as it contains anti-bacterial, antibiotic and anti-viral properties that make you stay healthy during the winter season. Similarly, Ginger is also hugely advantageous for your health because of its properties. You can use ginger in diverse ways such as adding it to your tea or having it in raw form.

4. Carrot and Leafy Vegetables: Carrots and leafy vegetables such as spinach, green beans are loaded with plenty of nutrition and vitamins that will not only help you stay cozy but help in staying you healthy. Thus, munch a carrot or have vegetable soup once on a day to battle this winter.

5. Cinnamon Cookies: If you don’t like having jaggery or jaggery made a dry food, then you can opt out for cinnamon prepared cookies. It is combined with white sugar, flour, baking soda, salt, butter and vanilla whip up a batch of delicious cinnamon cookies to relish in this winter. Cinnamon is quite healthy and helps you raise your energy level this winter.

6. Whole Grain: Include whole grain in your diet this winter such as Bajra ( Pearl Millet), Jawra (Millet), Makkai (Maize), Jau (Barley). You can prepare roti using these grains that will definitely advance your energy & metabolism level. So, don’t forget to relish your special roti prepared from these grains this winter.

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7. Ghee: Don’t worry about your putting up your weight. Studies have shown that eating limited ghee can cut out unnecessary fat from your body. Including a tablespoon of ghee in your food can increase your metabolism and energy level instantly.

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