Amazing Heart touching Story of Restaurant In Japan (DEMENTIA)

dementia waitress

How do we generally rate a Restaurant? Probably the best reply would be, on its Services. But “The Restaurant Order Error” always makes mistakes in serving its orders and with too a pleasant smile on the face. You give order and forget because no one knows what you will be served. One can heckle that they have the effrontery to make mistakes in order and then smile, but the reality is far more different as it looks. Actually, all the waitresses of “The Restaurant Order Error” are suffering from a disease called DEMENTIA.

DEMENTIA is a disease in which a person finds it difficult to remember anything because in this disease a part of the brain gets damaged and the person suffers from memory loss. This is a noble effort by the restaurant owner so that people understand their feeble-mindedness and accept them in society as normal persons. Such is the fascinating story of this Tokyo-based restaurant where customer orders generally do not get served with the same. But what he always gets is a convivial smile because all the waiters have been given the training to Smile while taking and delivering the orders.

One of the customers, Miles blogger Mido kudzu once reached there and got exacerbated due to the mistake in the order and she kept complaining but the waitress kept on smiling, which pacified her anger. Also when she knew the reality of the mistake, she was touched by the humanity shown by the restaurant owner. So these waitresses continue to make mistakes in orders but no one gets angry with them due to their smiles.

How many of you would like to visit this restaurant in Japan to experience the convivial services of “The Restaurant Order Error”? Like if you want to.

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