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Colonel Purohit Said He Was Falsely Accused By Congress in Malegaon Blast Case, Finally wear his uniform

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Colonel Purohit who was released on bail after 9 years spending in prison for Malegaon blast case has donned army uniform on Wednesday. His photo of donning army uniform after 9 years is going viral. He will join unit after his release from jail but will not be given any active duty. Colonel Purohit had been seen reporting Southern Command Liaison Unit (SCLU) of Military Intelligence in Mumbai after he got bail.

Colonel Purohit had been charged in Malegaon Blast case in which six people died. Recently a video of Colonel Purohit had gone viral in which he was seen alleging then in rule government Congress for framing a false case against him. He was charged that he sourced RDX for the blast which caused the death of six men. He has been filed a bail plea in court stating that he is an honest army officer with the stelllar record and have been falsely framed in this case. Finally, the court seemed to agree with his plea and granted him bail.


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