How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

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How to Get more views on YouTube is a million dollar question that has been asked by everyone who wants to make money through YouTube.However, lots of people in lack of proper knowledge does not know how to get more views on YouTube. Hence, if you are looking the step by step procedure to increase the views on your YouTube video then read this guide.

Use Proper Title Tag, Description and Keyword: This is one of the most important things that many people lack to do. A YouTube video with effective title, description, and keywords get more views than the video with not proper title, keyword and meta description.

How to give the perfect title to the YouTube video: If after going through the above paragraph, you are wondering that how to set the title of video properly, then, search on YouTube search bar related to your video and you will get several ideas to optimize your title. For example, if you have a funny cat video and you want to share it on YouTube so search “funny cat video” on YouTube and several videos related to your query pop up in front of you, then, select the best video and check how he/she has utilized the title and description. Don’t totally copy it, but, it can help you to get an idea, so, do this. Make sure that your video title is engaging, relevant to the topic because if you are writing a title which has nothing to do with the video you are about to share, then, there is no use of it. Always remember that YouTube has a large number of videos. Hence, you have concise time to capture the attention of the viewer, so use it efficiently. Make your title click baiting, so that, the moment someone looks it he/she urges to click it. For instance, “What this lizard does next will surprise you.”

Give Detail description to your video: Many people shy away from giving a detailed description to their videos. However, you should not do that; description plays an essential part in making your video more viewable at YouTube. Thus, use this field effectively, and try to use as many keywords as possible in your video. However, make sure that keywords are related to your niche; otherwise, it does not have any benefit.

Use Tags: Writing great title and description is not enough, use tags or keyword field in YouTube to make your video more viewable on YouTube. For example, if you are uploading a video related to “funny cats,” then use words like “hilarious,” “sleepy,”Cutest.”

Share your video instantly: One hidden secret in YouTube is that if you share video instantly the chances of becoming video viral at YouTube is greater, therefore, share your video. Remember timing is crucial on YouTube.

Share your video on all social media channel: Don’t sit idle after sharing your video on YouTube. Share it wherever it is possible, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. Ask your friends to share it on various social media channels.


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