How to Make Homemade Baby Food in 5 Minutes for 4 to 6-month-old Baby?

How to Make Homemade Baby Food

Recipes of Homemade Baby Food

How to make homemade baby food? is the question which evokes in every parent’s mind when their kids are growing up. They want to make them feed the best healthy food.

When a child ages between 4 to 6 month is the perfect time to introduce them to solid food.

However, you need not to rush to doctors or dietitian to seek advice for how to make baby food at home.

It is extremely simple to make baby food at home. And another advantage of feeding your kid homemade baby food is that you can keep eye on each & every ingredient of your kid’s expanding diet.

With few fresh ingredients you can prepare quality baby food in quick time.

Let’s go through the following step by step procedure to prepare homemade baby food.

Select fresh & Quality Products

To make healthy diet for your baby, you need to choose nutrious and tasty produce.

Choose fruit items like apples, sweet potatoes, oranges, peaches, and pears. Avoid selecting food that proves hard for your 4 to 6-month kid to swallow such as green beans and peas with shells.

Make sure that the fruits or vegetables that you buy are free from blemish and enough ripe. Try to use vegetables and fruit items within two or three days from purchase.

Properly Clean the Vegetables & Fruits before prepare:

Try to clean chosen food items properly and try to remove any part that your kid can’t easily swallow such as seeds, nuts and fat.

Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly

Try to remove peel and seeds from vegetables. Chop the vegetables or fruits in similar sizes so that they can evenly cook.

If you are preparing meat, then, remove the skin and trim all kinds of fat before cooking. If you are preparing grains then cook it according to the given instructions on the packet.

Cook the food by steaming, boiling or baking

If you are planning to feed fruits such as avocado or orange then you can easily mash it up with a fork and serve to your kid.

However, if you are planning to feed vegetables, meat or grain, then it will be cooked first.

You have various options when it comes to cooking:


Boiling is considered to be a good option because it preserves the nutrition in food items very well. Moreover, it will be easy for a baby of 4 to 6 months to digest food.

You can boil grains, vegetables and certain animal produce using boiling technique.


Alike boiling steaming is also the best option when it comes to cooking vegetables and certain food items. It also preserves nutrition that can prove healthy for your kids.


Baking can prove good option especially when you are cooking sweet potatoes, meat and poultry.

You can also experiment by adding mild spices and herbs during baking.

Let the food cool before feeding

After thoroughly cooking the food don’t instantly feed it to your kid. Put the food aside and let it get cool for some time.

If you have cooked meat and poultry to feed kid make sure that you remove all pink traces from food.

Don’t make your kid eat the entire food at one go. Despite that try to feed your baby on a small quantity of food after every two-three hours.

Experiment with food items

Do not feed your kid one kind of food all the time. Do experiment with different food items.

Initially start off with traditional baby foods because traditional baby food is comprised of soft sweet fruits and vegetables that are easy to be cooked.

Traditional food items can include Bananas, pear, avacado, apricots, mangoes, oranges and carrots.

These food items are quite liked by kids and they enjoy eating these traditional food items. These food items are also quite easy to cook and easy to digest by your kid.

Moreover, these food items will expand the taste buds of your kid and make mealtimes more interesting.

However, you can try out other dishes as well, but, make sure that keep three days interval between every food item.

Give your Baby Whole Grains

Feeding your kids grains will not add new textures to their taste buds. But, it will also make them healthy. You can try with millet and quinoa.

grains for baby

Whole grains will also help them in their speech later on.

You can do several experiments with grains. You can either bake them with vegetable stock or meat and can put spices and herbs as well.

Try feeding your kid fish

Parents avoid feeding their kids fish or any allergic food items such as fish. Moreover, doctors also advise not to feed any allergic food to babies till 1 year.

However, an American study has shown that you can feed your kid fish if he/she is six months old.

Try Eggs: Doctors also advise not to feed your baby eggs. However, eggs are high on protein and can provide your kid with good health. It is a good source of vitamin B and other minerals.

baby food images

Therefore, you should feed them eggs but make sure the egg is perfectly cooked and mash it up well before feeding your kid.

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