How to wear Blue Sapphire Stone or Method of wearinng Blue Sapphire Stone

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There are several pundits and astrologers out there who would claim that whether you should wear this stone or not.

And they would also pass the verdict whether wearing blue sapphire gemstone will prove benevolent for you or not.

However, most of them do not know exactly the right procedure of wearing blue sapphire stone.

Therefore, a person who consult them and wear substantial planet Saturn blessed blue sapphire stone faces a lot of hardships and adversities in his life.

Therefore, before wearing blue sapphire stone or any other stone, you should take advice from a reputed & experienced Astrologer.

Today, We will tell you that right & step by step procedure of wearing blue sapphire stone.

What is Procedure of wearing Blue Sapphire Stone?


Since blue sapphire gemstone is associated with the ferocious planet Saturn, so wearing this stone will appease Saturn in one’s horoscope and facilitate benevolent consequences in his her life. Therefore, A person should wear blue sapphire stone on Saturday morning.

Whether I should wear blue sapphire stone on Saturday Morning or Evening?

The best time to adopt blue sapphire stone is Saturday morning during Shukla Paksha from 5 am to 6 am.

In which finger blue sapphire stone should be adopted? 
Blue sapphire stone should be adopted in the middle finger of the right hand.

Which is the best metal to embed blue sapphire stone in?

It is considered that blue sapphire stone should be worn either with gold ring or silver ring to obtain best results.

What should be the weight of blue sapphire stone?
The weight of blue sapphire stone should be at least three ratti or six ratti. A less than 3 Ratti or carat stone will not fetch out any result.

Who should wear blue sapphire stone?
A person belonging to zodiac sign Scorpio, Aquarius or Capricorn should wear this stone. Moreover, those who are suffering from weak Saturn position in their horoscope can too wear this stone.

What is the mantra of wearing blue sapphire stone?

The following mantra should be chanted while wearing this stone:
“Neelanjana-sama-bhasam Ravi-putram Yamaa-grajam!! “

” Chhaya-martanda-sambhootam tam namaami Shanais-charm!! “

Rituals during wearing blue sapphire stone


The weight of blue sapphire stone between 3 ratti to 6 ratti’s.

On Saturday morning one should put the blue sapphire stone in unboiled cow milk or sacred Ganga water for sometime before wearing it.

The reason behind putting blue sapphire in Ganga water to purify it.

Blue sapphire stone should be embedded in either silver or gold. The stone should be fixed in the ring such a way so that it comes in contact with wearer skin.

While wearing this stone one should chant this mantra for 108 times

“Om Aim Hreem Shanecharaya Namah.“

After wearing this stone one should donate urad dal, mustard oil, soap, tea leaves, money to poor people and pray for their well-being in front of Shani Dev.

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