Rajasthan Farmers Fill Troughs Of Water To Quench Thirst of Deer

deer saved by rajasthan people

deer saved by rajasthan people

Humanity is the biggest religion than all man made religions in the society. A human having mankind in heart will not stagger for the noble cause not only for mankind but also for animals.

Such humanity has been shown by the villagers of Lakhasar of Rajasthan state. A place where in summer heat reaches its crescendo and it becomes difficult for people to survive, every year more than 50 deer were dying due to thirst.

To save obliteration of deer, villagers made 66 degrees for thirsty deer showing discernment for such adorable beauty of nature.

Anil Dharanian who started this noble cause talked unlike grandiloquent politicians about this. He told that last year when he was going to participate in a religious function of another village, in his way he saw dead bodies of deer which were dying due to the unavailability of water.

The sound of dying deer reverberated in his mind and he decided to help these lovely creatures. Anil told that the idea of ​​making a diggie came from Pyao. These are made in summer. This year 200 villagers have made more than 40 diggies which are filled with water once in 10 days.

The philanthropist villagers have made diggies in their field bearing losses of crops. It takes the cost of 2lacs for its construction and management to the penurious villagers yet they have shown lion-heart to bear all these expenses.

These polyethylene made diggies not only saving the lives of deer but also preventing these from the attack of wild dogs. Anil says “it is a wonderful view seeing thirsty deer drinking water from these diggies”.

However, till now, villagers have not got any support from Government but villagers of Lakhasar have really stood tall when it was needed the most. Such noble deeds really send a positive message in society that NOT THE SIZE OF ANIMAL BUT LIFE OF THE ANIMAL WHAT MATTERS.


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