Top 12 Essential Benefits of Health Insurance Plans in 2017

Benefits Health Insurance

What is Health insurance Plans?

Health insurance is a insurance against the the risk of incurring different types of medical expenses among individual people. These insurance plans provide cover against health care expenses like critical illness, hospitality, surgery, Maternity and newborn care and other diseases. The benefits of these policies is in the form of fixed pay outs on hospitalization during the critical illness.

Health Insurance is a contract between an insurance provider company or govt. agency and an individual person or his/her sponsor. The contract can be lifelong or renewable in the case of private insurance, or it can be mandatory for all citizens in the case of national plans. The amount of health care will be specified in written by insurance provider company.

These 12 essential benefits of health insurance plans are given below:

1. Ambulatory Patient Services : Ambulatory care or outpatient care is medical care benefit provided on an outpatient basis, including observation, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation services. This type of care includes advanced medical technology and procedure even when provided outside of hospitals.

2. Inpatient Care : It includes care of a patients whose conditions require his/her admission to a hospital. Progress in modern medicine and the coming of far reaching out-patient centers guarantee that patients are just admitted to a healing facility when they are to a great degree sick or have extreme physical injury.

3. Maternity, Pregnancy, and Newborn baby care : Health insurance provides benefits Maternity, Pregnancy and before and after newborn baby. It provides cost benefits against the bills paid to hospitals.

4. Health policies provides benefits during Trips to the emergency room.

5. It also includes cover over your lab tests.

6. Policies provide benefits in case of preventive services including screening, counseling and vaccines to keep you fit healthy and also care for managing any chronic disease.

7. Health policies also cover Pediatric services that includes dental care and vision care for your kids.

8. Benefits for Mental health and substance use disorder services: This includes behavioral health treatment, and psychotherapy services.

9. Health policies prevents from long and time consuming public system waiting lists for treatment in Hospitals.

10. It provides expenses benefits during Emergency services.

11. Birth control coverage : It Includes Barrier methods, Sterilization procedures, Emergency contraception, Implanted devices, Hormonal methods etc.

12. Breastfeeding coverage : Some Health insurance plans also provide breastfeeding coverage, counseling, & equipment for breastfeeding. These services are provided before and afterbirth of a baby.

These Health insurance benefits may vary from state to state or according to different policies providers. So choose right health plans which will cover your along with your family’s health problems. This small investment on health policies keeps you free from worries about your health problems and secure from you during any emergency.

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