Top 8 Motivational Books of All Time That Everyone Should Read once in Their Lives


Books are the ultimate source of inspiration. They have the power to give right directions to you. Reading a good book can change your entire perspective toward the way you look at the life. If you are feeling low and confused in your life, then, books can prove your true companion. They can help you get out of the complex situations with ease. In this post, I have compiled the list of top 8 motivational books that will fill you with motivation and vigor.

The Art of War: The book written by Sun Tzu is claimed to be one of the most widely acclaimed  motivational books of all time. The book focuses on the importance of taking advantage of opportunity, planning and creating strategy to attain success in life.  The book has largely been studied by scientist, businessman and politicians.

One of the best quote from the Book is: “The wise warrior avoids the battle”

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelh: This book can immensely inspire you, and can teach you very important lessons of life. The book is based on a story of a boy and how he runs after his dreams and fulfill it defying all the obstacles and pain in his way. This book can prove hugely useful for youngsters who want to achieve something great in their life, but get afraid of difficulties and hardships.

 Some of the famous quotes from this book are:

1) “The secret of life is to fall 7 times and get up eighth time.”

2) “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

3) “Fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.”


I Am Malala: It is the story of an Afghan Girl who was deprived of education and later shot by some fanatic  terrorist group. The book depicts her story of facing all obstacles but shows grit to continue her studies.


It’s not about bike , by Lance Armstrong: Have you read the autobiography of this famous bike rider Lance Armstrong who was diagnosed with cancer? If not, then you should buy a copy of this book and give it a read. This book will definitely inspire you. It will entail you his journey from being diagnosed with cancer and his successful comeback and later winning of 4 consequent Tour De France events which are one of the biggest competition for bikers.


The Secret: This is one of the well recognized and most suggested book to get motivated or inspired. The book has power to change your entire approach toward the life. It will insist you think deeply that why you have failed in life and how if you have a strong desire for something in your life then,  you would surely going to secure it.



The Fountainhead: This one is another great book, each line could be carrying a lesson. Though, in the start I thought ,why the protagonist is behaving so weird, but then with progress it changes your outlook when you complete it . It is a fat book.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: This book is one of the inspirational book of all time. This book is the result of 25 years of hard work by Napoleon Hill and has the power to make anyone successful so I strongly recommend it and can’t describe it in words what impact this book has had on my life and countless others

A famous quote of Dr. Napoleon Hill : “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”.

“The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom: “It is never to late or too soon, it is when it is supposed to be.”

This book teaches us to not take anything granted in our lives. And everything will change in life with time, so be ready for it. And whatever you want to do, do it right away.


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