What Should You Do If You Get Stuck in an Elevator?

a young woman with claustrophobia in an elevator

Being stuck in an elevator or lift is one of the eeriest feelings you can ever have. Especially, if you are fearful of dark and loneliness, then you must know what to do when stuck in the lift. Read the following points to remember what to do when you are trapped in the elevator.


Steps to Do If You Get Stuck In An Elevator:

1. Don’t Panic: Okay, let’s suppose that you were alone in the lift and somehow the lift got stopped in the middle of nowhere, then, the first thing which you need to remember is that don’t panic because panicking will not do any good to you. Although, it will become a barrier to let your mind think positively and give birth to all negative thoughts that will accelerate your heartbeat. Thus, the first thing that you need to do is remain calm and don’t allow negative thoughts to overpower your mind.

2. Call For Assistance: All modern days lifts or elevators are mandatory to have an alarm button or handset to alert the authority about the emergency. However, unfortunately, if the call button is not working then use your mobile phone to call the emergency desk to inform them about the situation.

3. Stay where you are: Don’t try to pull off heroic stunts in this situation just act normally. Instead of trying to escape from hatches or ceilings preserve your energy and wait for help to arrive. If it is dark in the lift, then, use your mobile phone light because darkness will enhance the uneasy feeling.

4. Get Busy: Instead of constantly gaping at your watch, divert your mind and think about the positive things that happened to you. If you have a phone, then either play games on the mobile phone or listen to music, it will subside the fear and will help you kill time.

5. Press all buttons one by one: Try to press each button on the lift one by one to check whether the lift opens or not, in case if the lift is broken then it won’t open, but aside from sitting for help to arrive, you can use this option.

In case if help does not arrive until half an hour, you can take things in your hand, try to look through the gap in the lift door to see that whether the lift has stopped near the floor. If it is, then you can shout for help maybe someone hears you and can inform the authorities.

However, if the lift is stopped between the floors, then, don’t give up and press the alert button repeatedly with the hope that if someone will hear it and you will be released.

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