Dhinchak Pooja videos deleted Read Reason behind YouTube action against Internet sensation and why Dilon Ka Shooter is still available

dhinchak pooja

If you are a die -hard fan of Dhinchak Pooja, then, this news will come as a shock to you that Youtube has deleted all her videos except Dilon Ka Shooter. Dhichak Pooja 23-year-old girl has become an internet sensation in no time. She has been trolled on every social media channel for her singing. However, now people are a question that what led Youtube to take down all her videos from Youtube.

A person named Kathapa Singh had claimed copyright on all songs, and this is the main reason why the videos were taken off, according to TOI news. However, if you visit her profile page, it would still show 12 videos, but you can only play Dilon Ka Shooter.
According to Youtube video policies, you can get a video taken down if you are featured in it but without your consent. Well, as of now we don’t know who is Kathpa Singh, but as we will get any updates we will write about it. Till then, you can enjoy Dhinchak Pooja video Dilon Ka Shooter.

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