Aadhaar card not only connecting people of India with the system but also helped a family to meet its lost son.  When Ramesh Chandel, a labor from Indore got the news that his lost son is still alive and is living in an orphanage of Bangalore, he broke into tears. After they had lost all the hopes of meeting him again they got this news which led their happiness to a crescendo. But what’s more fascinating is the role that Aadhaar card played in reuniting the family. 

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Actually, there was a camp in the orphanage of Bangalore to make aadhaar card. But when the retina and finger print of a Feebly minded boy of 20 was taken the software could not proceed further. After the probe of said incident, it came out that feeble minded boy had already got an aadhaar card and he was the resident of Niranjanpur of Indore. Then officials of orphanage contacted Bhopal police to inquire into the matter and later it was found that Ramesh Chandel of Indore had lost his son two years ago and he had informed Police about this who were unable to find the lost boy. After the police matched his photograph so it was clear that the feeble minded boy is none other than Surendra. Ramesh (Surendra’s father) had got his aadhaar card made few months before Surendra’s missing. Ramesh told that he never thought that this card will make him meet his lost son again and now Police officials are completing all the required formalities so that the family can meet with Surendra as early as possible.

This story shows that never loose hope because LAW OF ATTRACTION is there that will make things happen.

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