Dog Sacrificed His Own Life Saving Six Train Passengers From Electrocution

dog sacrificed his own life to save human life

dog sacrificed his own life to save human life

We have heard many heroic stories around us where human being gone out of their ways to save animals. However, on rare occasions, we encounter with stories that validate the fact that animals are as intelligent & sentimental as us.

Today, we are going to narrate you the story of a dog who sacrificed his life to save six people life from electrocution.


On 22nd of March As the Gummidipoondi-Chennai Central local train halt at the station. People restlessly jumped out of the train and was in a hurry to rush toward their home.

Since it was a rainy night, so heavy water logged everywhere, some of them took a long route to save themselves getting drenched in the puddle of water, other, just preferred walking over it.

Amid the chaos at the station, nobody had time to pay heed to a dog who was barking frantically to stop them from landing in water.
Some of them shooed him away, and move forward. However, the continuous barking of the dog scared them away from crossing water puddle.

A group of six men who was in a hurry and in no mood to take the long route neglected his barking and were adamant to jump in the water puddle.

Sensing the impending fate, the dog itself jumped in the puddle of water to stop them. The dog sacrificed his own life to save the life of six people. His act of supreme Sacrifice left everybody stunned.
Nobody was able to figure out what happened, it was then, a person from crowd noticed a loose cut wire hanging down inside the water. Had those six men landed in the water, they would have lost their lives.


Everybody present on the scene was stunned with dog sacrifice. Later on some workers on the railway station realized that dog had left behind a litter of 10-day old pups.
The staff informed the railway authority about the incidents and strolling pups. As the news spread around the city, blue cross an animal welfare society received huge response for adopting the pups.
The blue cross society informed that two pups died shortly after being adopted. The rest of the pups are doing well.

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