5 Top Mobiles Phones Priced Under Rs.15000 in India in 2017

Are you looking for the top 5  mobile phones, which priced under Rs.15000? If so, it is a daunting task to choose the best mobile phone. It is because of the definition of the best mobiles phones differ from consumer to consumer. This page is designed keeping in mind the most significant attributes of the […]

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Top Three Tax Preparation Software For Your Business Improvements

  Are you searching for the simple way to prepare your tax return? You must take tax preparation software; it is one of the most effective options for you to solve complicated problems. With the tax preparation software, you are less likely to miss some deductions, as well as allow you to save your time. […]

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How to Remove the Background of a Photo in Photoshop?

Removing image background in the photoshop is one of the common tasks that can be utilized by the people for the personal use. If you are creating a presentation and making collages, you need to use the photo without background. There are many tools now available today to Remove The Background of the image. With […]

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Top 5 reasons why QR codes still relevant in 2017

In 2017 several reports predicted the end of Qr codes much like HD-DVD or Myspace. However, half of the year 2017 has been passed, but QR codes are still being used abundantly all across the world, and there is no stopping for it. Recently, Snapchat introduced “snap codes” for users to share account information with […]

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whatsapp fake subscription message

Don’t Click on this message on WhatsApp, It could be a big loss.

Nowadays most people who use smartphones and they definitely use WhatsApp. It has become an easy and fast way of communication. People are WhatsApp in every sector for communicating with each other. Even some new offers are being offered on behalf of WhatsApp, which gives customers many facilities. Hackers and fraudsters are now targeting WhatsApp […]

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podcast interview

Excellent Tips to prepare for your podcast interview

People want to make their podcast interview successful when they are booked as the guest on any podcast. The host of a podcast interview is accountable for asking interview questions. Still, you require having something of worth to say. Many people do not have sufficient time to prepare for their interview, so they look for […]

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Role of Graphic Designing in Print & Electronic Media

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” that is being rightly said by someone. This idiom is synonyms with Graphic Designing. Graphic Designing is considered to be the communication design incorporating arts, picture, content, and illustrations. Graphic designs are being used adequately by companies across the world to promote their products, ideas and for problem-solving.

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best apps for android to watch live tv

Top Five best Android Mobile TV App You Should Try in 2017

1. Spotify Spotify is, for your money and possibly you can hear the best music streaming service there is. It features tons of songs, excellent discovery and playlist options, and it’s simple to use. It’s too one of the only stream services of this kind that consent to and you to stream anything songs you […]

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Java 9 delayed due to modularity controversy Now it will release on this date

Java 9 which was expected to release on July 9 won’t be releasing on that date due to the ongoing controversy over a planned but later rejected the approach to modularity, said Georges Saab, vice president of software development in the Java platform group at Oracle and chairman of the OpenJDK governing board. The company […]

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list of sites a programmer should visit on daily basis

List of 100+ Websites A Programmers Should Visit To Update their Programming Knowledge

If you are programmer and want to list of some good website to learn programming and remain update about latest programming news Then find out the list of best programming websites that yo should follow. Have a look: Stack Overflow : Subscribe to their weekly newsletter and any other topic which you find interesting News: Hacker […]

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C++17 programming language features

Top 19 New Features of C++17 you need to know about it.

What is c++17? C++17 (or C++1z) is the informal name for the next revision of the ISO/IEC standard for the C++ programming language after c++14. C++17 is feature complete now and on its way to becoming an international standard. It’s specification reached the Draft International Standard stage in March 2017. Below is Standardization chart of […]

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Ransomware in India

Ransomware cyber attack in several countries across globe in May 2017 and this Vedic astrology writer’s alert in that regard published last year

Astrologically speaking, the cyber war has begun to grow stronger and major worrisome in near future in 2017. Many vulnerable countries may have problem of Cyber Attack between now and December 2017 in this year, more so during August and September. Further , while 19th August to 4th September  in  present year 2017 looks to be […]

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Don't pay for Ransomware

What is Ransomware? How to protect Yourself from this Virus?

What is Ransomware? There are different types of Ransomware. Ransomware is a kind of cyber attack which prevents you from using your computer. This virus can encrypt your data and prevent you from using it. They can attack any computer and mobile device. A cyber attack has hit a around 100’s Countries in world specially […]

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Cyber Attack Hits 100 Countries

On Friday 99 Countries and Thousands of Computers Hits by Cyberattack

Cyber Attack Hits 100 Counties in World On Friday a large scale of cyber attack hits nearly 100 Countries in World. According to Antivirus Company avast reports, nearly 75,000 Computers are affected by this attack. on Friday a malware named “WanaCrypt0r 2.0” also called Ransomware had been affected in 99 Countries. Including major hospitals and […]

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