Author: Rohit Sharma

Hi my name is rohit sharma and i love blogging.I have been writing articles on range of topics.

Pokemon Go fans stunned after overhaul resets their advancement

London: Hundreds of Pokemon Go fans were left in dismay after an upgrade reset the broadly mainstream increased reality amusement, wiping out three weeks worth of Pokemon getting. Subsequent to understanding that downloading a redesign for the amusement had prompted the application resetting itself, devotees of the diversion took to online networking to express their […]

Find Out Deepika Padukone’s Fee For ‘Padmavati’ & Who Will Play Her Husband Role!

Deepika Padukone’s Fee For ‘Padmavati Deepika Padukone is riding high on success these days. In recent times, she has emerged as a successful actress of Bollywood. Every producer and director want to cast her as leading lady in their movies. However, if coming news to be believed that it won’t be easy to cast her […]

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